UEFA Boss Platini Praises Ukraine Effort

EURO 2012UEFA President Michel Platini and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych oversaw the grand opening of the International terminal at Lviv Danylo Halytskyi airport this week. Platini, offering words of admiration and encouragment over Ukraine’s efforts at hosting EURO 2012, told reporters on the scene the country’s efforts were nothing short of astounding.

This news adds fuel to the idea that the EURO 2012 championships will not only prove successful for the sport of football, but also in establishing the economic potential sport can afford emerging countries. Platini offered this to amplify his view of preparations there:

“It is astounding what a small football can do. What has been done in Ukraine is amazing. I am sure that in three weeks’ time the atmosphere in Lviv will be wonderful. You [Ukraine] have managed to reach most of the goals. It wasn’t easy, but it will be wonderful.”

The updated terminal there in Lviv will more easily handle up to 2100 passengers per hour expected to pack the space when the EURO 2012 games are in full swing. LED lighting to modern infrastructure aspect surrounding the airport, modernization for Ukraine has been not just a need, but a necessity of late. Four cities will host EURO 2012 in Ukraine;
Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Lviv will all sport ungraded and fully operational airports before the games begin.

Along with the airports and supporting infrastructure, Ukraine has been focused on modernizing four football stadiums as well. Kyiv’s Olimpiyskyi, the 2nd largest stadium in Eastern Europe, will hold up to 70,050 fans. Meanwhile, Lviv’s upgraded arena, Arena Lviv, has been named “the most comfortable stadium for fans among EURO 2012 venues” by UEFA officials. Opened in 2009, Donetsk’s Donbass Arena, is one of the few so called elite stadiums in Eastern Europe.

For more information about this news, please refer to the links above or the original press release[1], or the official Ukraine[2] EURO 2012 site.


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